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General frequently asked questions

Which insurance companies do you use to underwrite each policy?
Can you tell me anything about them?

Master Cover Insurance Services Ltd uses several leading insurance companies to ensure a competitive price.

Ageas - Website

Ageas Insurance(UK) Limited is a leading provider of award-winning personal and commercial lines insurance and life protection in the UK.

Ageas distributes high quality insurance through a range of channels including brokers, IFAs, intermediaries, affinity partners and online.

The company serves around 8 million customers in the UK and has picked up numerous awards for consistent and high quality customer service.

Composite Legal Expenses - Website

Established in 1996, Composite Legal Expenses Ltd is a leading UK provider of Commercial, Personal and Motor Legal Expenses Insurance.

Composite works with some of the UK’s largest affinity, trade organisations and Insurance Intermediaries to provide comprehensive innovative products to protect businesses and individuals in today’s litigious society.

Utilising a select number of key partners including Solicitors, Accountants and Consultants, Composite is proud to provide businesses with the support they need when they need it most.

Ageas Insurance Company underwrites all of Composite’s Commercial Legal Expenses policies so you have the extra peace of mind in knowing that your business is being supported by one of the UK’s leading insurers.

Both Composite Legal Expenses Ltd and Ageas Insurance Company Ltd are Authorised and Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.


When and how do I receive my insurance documents?

If, while purchasing your insurance with us, you have given a valid email address you will receive a confirmation email instantly. Included in this email is a copy of your insurance schedule and certificate.


Are these documents valid though? Don't I need a copy sent by post?

The documents that you receive are legal documents and are suitable to be presented to whom ever wishes to see proof of your insurance.


Is there a way in which I can spread the payments over the course of the year?

Yes, for premiums over £350 an instalment facility is available that spreads the payments over 10 months.


Why should I consider legal expenses cover?

Business is becoming increasingly litigious as a result of more and more legislation being introduced each year. At the same time employees are becoming much more aware of their rights. Based on the Employment Tribunal Service’s 2005/2006 Annual Report, the average level of awards were as follows;

  • Race Discrimination Award - £30,600
  • Disability Discrimination Award - £19.300
  • Sex Discrimination Award - £10,800
  • Unfair Dismissal Award - £8,600

When you notice that every year there are over 100,000 applications to Employment Tribunals you then realise what impact this could have on your business. Even if the allegation is completely fictitious, a business still needs to defend its position and therefore would incur legal costs if they did not have Legal Expenses Insurance.

Your business may also find itself confronted with an Inland Revenue, Tax or VAT investigation. The burden of proof is on the taxpayer and the enquiry needs to be handled by people with a specialist understanding of your affairs. The authorities do not have to give any reason for opening an enquiry and each year more than one in ten businesses face enquiries by the Inland Revenue. Even if you are completely exonerated the extent of work required means fees can be very substantial.

Small and medium sized businesses are unlikely to have their own in-house resources to deal with legal disputes. These include those above as well as disputes arising out of Owing or Leasing Property, Health & Safety issues, Prosecutions, Trade Licenses and the Data Protection Act. Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance policies protect against the cost of potential legal disputes and also provide Legal Advice and representation to minimise disruption and exposure to these risks.


Are there any exclusions on personal accident?

This policy does not cover death or disablement directly or indirectly arising out of or consequent upon or contributed to by the insured person engaging or taking part in:

  • naval, military or air force service or operations.
  • wintersports, other than recreational skating, curling, ski-ing and snowboarding on-piste only, but excluding off-piste, or heli-ski/snowboarding.
  • skin diving involving the aid of breathing apparatus, rock-climbing or mountaineering normally involving the use of ropes or guides, pot-holing, hang gliding, parachuting, hunting on horseback, or driving or riding in any kind of race.
  • driving or riding of motor-cycles or motor scooters over 100cc.