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public liability insurance

Public liability insurance

Provides: Public liability insurance, employers liability insurance and selected additional cover options.

For tradesmen and contractors
If you do manual work at a clients property, or if customers bring goods to your premises for you to work on, you should think about taking out public liability insurance.

For professionals
If customers come to your place of work, you enter a customer's premises, or you provide any professional service which a client depends on, you will want to think about having public liability insurance.

This insurance package is perfect for both professionals and tradesmen, with the best quote price and cover options generated based on your specific trade.

Read more public liability insurance information or get an instant online public liability insurance quote.

professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Provides: Professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and employers liability insurance.

Professional indemnity is a very good idea if there is a chance that a claim may be made against you by a client for negligence or defects in work done by you or your staff.

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