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Quote Process

1. Collect Details

The first stage of any quote is collecting the relevant details.

All our quotes are generated on just one page with very few questions.

Master Cover Inurances Services Ltd only collects information directly related to the quote you are generating to help make the process as quick and easy as possible.

2. Quote summary and cover options

As soon as your details have been collected, you will be presented with a quote. If your situation is such that we can't provide a quote immediately, we recommend you still complete the quote process, and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to work out an insurance policy with you.

Most quotes have a set of options that can be adjusted to alter the cover options and prices to your liking. The new prices are generated automatically for you on this page.

3. Proposal Questions

The proposal questions are a short set of yes/no questions, and are dependant on your cover options and profession. They are to ensure that you are not in breach of any of the conditions that would be provided by your insurance cover.

You will only be asked these questions when you have decided to take up a policy. They will never affect the price of your policy but may affect the extent to which we can cover you.

4. Personal Details

Master Cover Insurance Services Ltd must collect certain details from you in order to issue you your policy.

If you wish, you may read our privacy policy to learn more about this. Master Cover Insurance Services Ltd never collect any data that we do not need.

5. Cover Summary and Payment Option

This page returns the final summary of your policy.

It also allows you to select the payment method you would like to use. The payment options are dependant on the price and type of policy taken. The choice is from credit card, cheque or monthly instalments.

From this page, depending on your selection, you may be asked for more details to process the payment

6. Declaration

This is the last stage of confirming your policy and personal details with us.

By clicking your agreement to these conditions, you confirm that all the data you have provided is true (to the best of your knowledge) and to other conditions set by your policy type.

7. Summary of Cover and thank you

This final page closes the quote process. Any final information relevant to your policy is given here. Including an account number and policy number assigned to you.

You will receive a copy of all these details, plus your insurance certificates by e-mail shortly after completing this process.

On this page, depending on your policy, you may submit the expiry date of other insurance policies you hold with other companies. Using these dates, we can e-mail you close to the expiry date to remind you.